Sensor Signal Conditioner


Automotive Sensor Signal Conditioner with Dual analog output
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Brief Description

The ZSSC3154 is an integrated circuit for highly accurate amplification and sensor-specific correction of a bridge sensor signal. Up to two temperature sensors can also be readout in parallel.
The circuitry provides different configurations of the analog outputs to show two measurement results simultaneously. This also allows generating a complementary bridge sensor signal, which is often required in safety-relevant applications.
The ZSSC3154 can take readings from two external temperature sensors to compensate the temperature drift of the bridge sensor signal and to output a separate temperature signal.
An internal calibration microcontroller in addition with an on-chip EEPROM performs the digital compensation of the sensor offset, the sensitivity, the temperature drift, and the nonlinearity.
The one-pass digital end-of-line calibration plus the integrated broken chip detection supports an automatic and highly efficient mass production.

Key Features
  • Differential bridge sensor input
  • Half-bridge sensor or temperature sensor input
  • Digital compensation of offset, gain, nonlinearity, and temperature dependency
  • Two analog outputs; behavior programmable by EEPROM configuration
  • Sequential analog output mode provides two measurands at one output pin
  • Various on-chip diagnostic and safety features including sensor connection diagnostic and broken chip detection
  • 2 EEPROM words for arbitrary user data


  • Various configurable output options
  • Bridge sensor signal validation for safety applications via two antivalent analog outputs, or via half-bridge sensor output
  • Simultaneous measurement of sensor signals including temperature signal for compensation, and for temperature output
  • Efficient use of non-calibrated elements for bridge sensors and temperature sensors without external trimming components
  • One-pass end-of-line calibration algorithm minimizes production costs
  • Excellent EMC/ESD robustness and AEC Q100 qualification


  • Brake, ABS, ESC applications
  • Fuel injection systems
  • Combined pressure medium temperature sensor application


Physical Characteristics
  • Supply voltage: 4.5 to 5.5V
  • Maximum supply voltage: 7.7V
  • Input span: 1.8 to 267mV/V
  • ADC resolution: 14 bit
  • Output resolution: > 12 bit from 10% to 90%
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to 150°C
  • Package: QFN32 (5x5mm; wettable flank) or die