Smart Power Management


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General Documents & Supporting Materials: 
Brief Description

The ZSPM1005 is a configurable true-digital single-phase PWM controller for high-current, non-isolated DC/DC supplies. It operates as a synchronous step-down converter in a single-rail and single-phase con­figuration.

The ZSPM1005 integrates a digital control loop, opti­mized for maximum flexibility and stability as well as load step and steady-state performance. In addition, a rich set of protection and monitoring functions is provided. To facilitate user configuration of the part, a set of configuration options can be pre-prog­rammed in the ZSPM1005 that can be selected by setting the values of two external resistors.

ZMDI’s Pink Power Designer™; a PC-based, user-friendly interface to the ZSPM1005, can be used to expedite the design of the digital compensator. It offers intuitive configuration methods for additional features, such as protection and sequencing. Once the part is programmed, the resistor options can be used to select the required configuration without a digital bus.


Programmable digital control loop

Advanced, digital control techniques

  • Tru-sample Technology™
  • State-Law Control™ (SLC)
  • Sub-cycle Response™ (SCR)

Improved transient response and noise immunity

Protection features

  • Over-current protection
  • Over-voltage protection (VIN, VOUT)
  • Under-voltage protection (VIN, VOUT)
  • Overloaded startup
  • Restart and delay

Support for SMOD and ZCD drivers

Fuse-based one-time programmable (OTP) nonvolatile memory for improved reliability

Operation from a single 5V or 3.3V supply

2-pin configuration for compensation, output voltage, and more

  • Fast configuration and design flexibility improves time-to-market
  • Simplified design and integration
  • FPGA designer-friendly solution
  • Highest power density with smallest footprint
  • Pin-to-pin compatible with the ZSPM1000 PWM controller enabling point-of-load power module platform designs with or without digital communication
  • Higher energy efficiency across all output loading conditions
Available Support
  • Evaluation Kit
  • PC-based Pink Power Designer™

Please contact spm[at] to get access to extended product service for SPM products.

Physical Characteristics
  • Operation temperature: -40°C to +125°C
  • VOUT max: 5V
  • Lead free (RoHS compliant) 24-pin QFN package (4mm x 4mm)
ZSPM1005 Typical Application Diagram