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General Documents & Supporting Materials: 
Brief Description

The ZIOL2211 is a line driver/level shifter IC containing an HV I/O channel (high voltage: max. power-supply/signal swing = 36V) having a wide range of configurable system features. It addresses the physical layer of sensor/actuator systems in factory automation and is especially designed to support the communication standard IO-Link.
The output driver is a push pull stage which reaches an RDSon of less than 6.6 Ohms at all operational temperatures.
The configuration is stored in an on-chip EEPROM and automatically loaded into the IC’s control register during power up. The IC also provides status information, such as overload and over temperature. An implemented SPI interface supports
access to configuration and status registers.
The IC is produced in a powerful CMOS Mixed Signal Technology that allows supply voltages up to 40V. The EEPROM read/write functionality is guaranteed within the entire operating temperature range in combination with a low Voltage core supply of 3.3V.

Key Features
  • Output current limitation (50 to 300mA)
  • Standard cable driver/ physical layer transceiver for IO-Link (device)
  • Slew-rate controlled driver
  • Wide range of configurable feature set which is automatically loaded after power on reset
  • IO-Link-specific WURQ (wake-up request) detection
  • On chip registers and EEPROM for system configuration and status information
  • SPI to access on chip registers and EEPROM
  • Dig. interface: 3.3V output, 5V tolerant inputs
  • Chip temperature monitoring/diagnosis
  • Over-current and -temperature signaling


  • Configurable feature set
  • Non volatile storage of system configuration
  • Excellent EMC performance due to adjustable output slew rate control
  • Low RDSon of 6.6 Ohms
  • Programmable limitation of driver output current
  • EEPROM read/write functionality within entire operating temperature range
  • Space saving 4x4 mm² 24 pin PQFN



The ZIOL2211 application field is acting as universal cable driver.
Furthermore the IC supports IO-Link communications as physical layer transceiver (PHY) for IO-Link master ports and IO-Link devices.

  • 24V line driver/level shifter
  • IO-Link compliant devices