LED Drivers

High Efficiency Drivers Enabling Cost Effective Lighting Solutions

The ZMDI LED drivers achieve up to 98% efficiency and demonstrate ZMDI’s commitment to green technology. LEDs are very energy-efficient light sources and ZMDI has the mixed-signal expertise to deliver LED driver ICs devices to enable companies to build cost-effective LED lighting solutions for home, consumer and industrial lighting applications. ZMDI’s LED driver portfolio is designed for all types of internal and external lighting applications.

The ZLED7xx0 LED Driver families with integrated switches drive single or multiple LEDs from a supply voltage range of 6-40V using continuous-mode inductive step-down (Buck) converters. The ZLED7000, ZLED7020, ZLED7320, ZLED7520 and ZLED7720 have PWM & DC dimming capabilities and output currents from 0.35A to 1.2A. The ZLED7030, ZLED7330, ZLED7530 and ZLED7730 provide switch dimming capability and outputs currents from 0.35A to 1.2A. The ZLED7010 includes a temperature compensation function, PWM & DC dimming and output current 0.75A.

In applications driving strings of multiple High Brightness (HB) LEDs from a low voltage source, the ZLED7015 provides the necessary step-up (Boost) functionality. It is optimized for cost and space sensitive applications with its integrated switch, PWM & DC dimming. It also has numerous safety features including open/short circuit protection, under/over-voltage protection and over temperature protection. An integrated soft-start function minimizes in-rush current during startup and helps extend the LED lifetime.

For line-powered applications, the ZLED7001 universal LED driver allows efficient operation of High Brightness (HB) LEDs with voltage sources ranging from 8 Vdc to 450 Vdc, including rectified 110 Vac / 220 Vac. In addition the ZLED7001 has PWM & Linear dimming functions and a temperature compensation input to ensure maximum LED lifetime.

The ZLED7002 is a unique toggle dual-channel LED that operates in the lower DC voltage supply range of 2.7-5.5V. The ZLED7002 enables low-power battery-driven lighting applications that require switching to a lower-current LED channel when the supply is low, helping extend the lighting life-time. The ZLED7002 is also suitable for voltage-level indicator applications.

The ZLED7012 and ZLED7022 incorporate low-noise, constant-frequency charge pump DC/DC converters that can efficiently drive up to four (ZLED7012) or six (ZLED7022) strings of LEDs with DC voltage supplies ranging from 2.8V to 5.5V designed for battery-powered handheld devices.

All devices have very small footprints and are highly integrated thus enabling a very low bill of materials (BOM) cost.


CAD Model Files

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ZMDI LED Drivers
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