Murata Power Block

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ZMDI’s ZSPM1025 and ZSPM1035 single-phase digital PWM controller family ICs for non-isolated DC/DC supplies, combined with Murata Power Solution’s single-phase 25A and 35A surface-mount power blocks, provide a quick route to proven, high-performance smart digital power solutions.

ZMDI’s easy-to-use software enables solutions that have fully customizable output voltage and output capacitance. PMBus™ digital communications is optionally available for monitoring, configurable protection and sequencing.

The new ZSPM1025 and ZSPM1035 family devices feature user-selectable, preconfigured digital control loop and compensators optimized for use with the Murata Power Solutions 25A and 35A power blocks.

Downloadable construction kits are available, including a graphical user interface, layout guidelines and step-by-step instructions. They are ready to be immediately implemented in the application designs.

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